Craig Lawrence author, military historian and lecturer in strategy

Craig Lawrence on Haytor in Dartmoor

Left.  Two of my daughters racing to the top of Hound Tor.  The outcrop is used by local climbing schools to introduce people to the basics.  The view from the top is well worth the walk.  The valley between Hound Tor and Haytor makes an interesting run and is again mentioned in 'The Legacy'.  Right is the same view, this time in winter after a heavy snowfall.  It is in weather like this that much of the action in 'The Legacy' takes place on Dartmoor

Left.  Me sitting on top of Haytor.  This granite tor dominates the surrounding countryside and features a number of times in 'The Legacy.'  The first occasion is when one of the protagonists - the artist Camilla - suffers a fall from the top of the tor which has interesting consequences.  All of my five children learnt to climb on Haytor having acquired the basics on the less demanding Hound Tor.  Right shows the view from the top of Haytor back towards the car park, the route that Camilla takes in 'The Legacy.'

The Ring of Bells in North Bovey - A location used in The Legacy

Left.  The view from Hound Tor looking back towards the car park.  Because of its height, Dartmoor routinely gets a deep covering of snow in winter.  Right shows my Land Rover (middle distance) covered in 2 inches of snow after a late afternoon flurry in Manaton.  In 'The Legacy', several of the key characters rely on Land Rovers to help them get around the moor when the weather closes in.  

Haytor face on Dartmoor



Left.  The picture shows one of my daughters at the foot of the sheer face of Haytor.  The tor provides a variety of good quality climbs.  In 'The Legacy', one of the two main characters - Lucy Masters - demonstrates her climbing ability by soloing the sheer face behind my daughter, no mean feat!  Right Top.  One of Dartmoor's defining features is its ponies which live on the moor and roam free.  They are generally good natured and seem to enjoy interacting with the moor's many visitors.  This photograph was taken in the car park at the foot of Haytor.  In 'The Legacy', Camilla parks her Landrover in the same spot before beginning her trek to the summit.  Unfortunately for her, the weather closes in and someone decides to follow her as she sets off to reach the top of the tor.  Bottom Left.  The view up the River Dart taken from the front lawn of Greenway, Agatha Christies' old home in Devon.

Totnes in Devon
River Dart from Agatha Christie home
Hound Tor on Dartmoor in Winter
Haytor and the view to the carpark below

Left.  The Ring of Bells in North Bovey.  The pub features numerous times in 'The Legacy' but as the 'Ring O' Bells'.  The good guys base themselves in this remote Dartmoor village whilst they decide how to tackle the problem they face.  Right.  The town of Totnes, one of the many communities that make Devon such an interesting place to visit. 

Hound Tor in winter and the view to the car park
Dartmoor ponies

Devon is arguably the UK's most beautiful county.  Magnificent coastlines, picturesque villages, bustling market towns and rugged moors combine to make it the ideal setting for an adventure thriller.  It's for this reason that much of the action in 'The Legacy' takes place on and around Dartmoor.  My wife knows the area well having grown up there and, every year, we try and spend at least a week exploring Dartmoor as a family.  The photographs in this section give an idea of what makes Devon, and Dartmoor in particular, so special, at least to us.

Hound Tor on Dartmoor
Dartmoor snow covering my Land Rover