material used in writing books about Gurkhas

Whilst not exhaustive, some of the books used as references in writing the commemorative Gurkha history are listed below.  Where available, I have also provided links to Amazon or the Gurkha Museum so that readers can view or order books if required (just click the title). The books in red provide an excellent starting point for people wishing to find out more about Gurkhas.

Sirmoor Rifles (Gurkhas) on Delhi Ridge in 1857


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- 'Walkabouts and Laughabouts in the Raj' by Major General F J Loftus-Tottenham (undated).

The following pamphlets produced by the Gurkha Museum were also invaluable:

- 'The Scottish Connection' (2011).

Craig Lawrence author, military historian and lecturer in strategy
Gurkhas in Afghanistan
Eight Gurkhas circa 1815
Gurkha soldiers sharpening their kukris in the First World War