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Craig Lawrence in converstaion with Ollie Ollerton during Tring Book Festival

It was a real privilege on Saturday 15 August 2020 to talk to Lukwesa Burak on BBC News about the role of Gurkhas in the Far East Campaign and, in particular, as part of General Bill Slim's so-called 'Forgotten Army' in Burma. The interview formed part of the BBC's coverage of VJ Day 75, the formal commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the  defeat of Japan at the end of the Second World War.

Not many people realise the enormous contribution that Gurkhas made in the Far East Campaign, with 35,000 soldiers deploying in 27 infantry battalions, including two parachute battalions. Gurkhas also took part in the two Chindit Operations, the first of which took place in February and March of 1943 with the second taking place from March to July 1944. In the first Chindit Operation, 1,289 of the 3,000 strong force were Gurkhas. During the Burma Campaign, Gurkhas were awarded 9 Victoria Crosses, a quite remarkable achievement. Click on the image to the left to watch the interview.

Gharma Sunnu - a talk on the Gurkhas' 206 years of service by Craig Lawrence

On 13 July 2021, I was honoured to give a talk for the Gurkha Museum on the Gurkhas' 206 years of service to the British Crown, including their 20 years in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban. The talk, which was the third in the Museum's innovative 'Ghar ma Sunnu' ('Listen at Home') series, was followed by a lively question and answer session facilitated by the Director of the Gurkha Museum. The Q&A explored the future of the Gurkhas, as well as leadership, discipline, female Gurkha recruitment and lots of other interesting subjects. 

You can watch the talk by clicking on the 'Who Are The Gurkhas?' image or the clicking the button below the image. The talk lasts for about 50 minutes and includes nearly a hundred fascinating images of Gurkhas from the last two centuries. The talk is available FREE, though there is an opportunity to make a donation to the Gurkha Museum if you wish to.

Craig Lawrence in converstaion with Ollie Ollerton during Tring Book Festival

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It was a real privilege on 9 November 2021 to be asked by the organisers of the Tring Book Festival to interview Ollie Ollerton about his new book, 'All Or Nothing', at the Court Theatre in Tring. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Ollie, known to millions from his appearances on the Channel 4 TV show 'SAS: Who Dares Wins' was great company and shared anecdotes from his career in the special forces, as well as from his childhood and life after the services. The audience was particularly engaging and asked Ollie lots of insightful, and sometimes difficult, questions. I have done a number of these sorts of interviews before but this one ranks as one of the most enjoyable and fun, mainly because both Ollie and the audience were so engaged!

I strongly recommend the book. Its hero, Alex Abbott, is an ex-special forces operative who sets out to track down his brother's killer. Its completely absorbing and kept me up most of the night. Much of the action is based on Ollie's own experiences in the special forces, as well as his subsequent work as a security consultant in Iraq. This means that it's authentic and entirely believable. 


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Major General Craig Lawrence speaking about Gurkhas at RUSI

in conversation with ollie ollerton during the tring book festival - 9 november 2021

Craig Lawrence interview with Lukwesa Burak about Gurkha role in Burma in WW2
Craig Lawrence speaking to the Families in British India Society (FIBIS) at thei annual conference


Dartmoor is a brilliant place for anyone who writes action adventure thrillers. It's rugged terrain makes the perfect location for outdoor action scenes, whilst its picturesque villages and cosy pubs provide a great setting for romantic developments.

My wife grew up in the village of Manaton, right in the heart of Dartmoor, and we've therefore spent a great deal of time there as a family over the years. In this short video, which was shot on top of Hound Tor in the summer of 2020, I try to explain what, to me at least, makes Dartmoor so special and why much of the action in 'The Legacy' takes place there.

After the publication of my first Gurkha history, I was asked to give a very brief summary of the Gurkhas' 200 years of service to the British Crown on Forces TV. The interviewer was particularly interested in what made the Gurkhas so special. To try and illustrate this, I talked about their role in the so-called 'Indian Mutiny' of 1857 when, despite enormous pressure, they remained loyal to the Crown and their remarkable service during the two World Wars. To watch the interview, click on the image of me and the interviewer.


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200 years of gurkha service to the crown - in 3 minutes on forces tv!