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Gurkha Watch Strap


​I am going to try and work to the following timelines for the production of 'The Royal Gurkha Rifles: 25 Years of Service to the Crown':

-  14 Sep 17                    E-Mail to RGR personnel informing them of the project and inviting people to submit images/ideas

-  15 Sep - 10 Dec 17:    Detailed research on deployments and events to confirm structure and content of book

-  4 Jan - 1 Nov 18:         Drafting text and work on basic layout and image content

-  30 Dec 18:                   First draft complete

-  14 Feb 19:                   Second draft complete

-  30 Mar 19:                   Final draft to publishers

-  1 Jul 19:                       Publication day - RGR 25th Anniversary


​£28.10 - £45.00

Gurkha soldier in Afghanistan - from a new book by Craig Lawrence

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RGR Lapel Pin Badge


Gurkha history book by Craig Lawrence


Gurkha Cuff Links


RGR Hoodie


CLOTHES AND OTHER GURKHA STUFF WITH AN RGR THEME! ​(click on image to go to shop page)

Because it's a 'coffee table' book, it's important to include some really good images. The problem I found with the G200 book is that although HQ BG and the Gurkha Museum have hundreds of great pictures from Afghanistan, there are surprisingly few from the other theatres in which we have served over the last 25 years. I would therefore be very grateful if you could help me by going through your own pictures and sending me any that you think would be of interest to a wider audience. Sending a great picture of you doing something interesting is also an excellent way of ensuring that you feature in the book!

If you want to send me any images, please could you use 'www.wetransfer.com' and send the image to: 'rgrbook@aol.co.uk'. Using 'wetransfer.com' is easy and free. It allows you to send images up to 2GB which means that you can send really high definition pictures (ideal so we can enlarge them in the book). When you send an image, I would be very grateful if you could include the following information in the message which 'wetransfer.com' allows you to send with the picture:

​-  Your name.

-  When and where the picture was taken.

-  Who's in the picture.

-  Any other comments which you think would be of interest to readers.

​Please note that if you do submit an image, you are agreeing to us using it in the book. The copyright will remain yours but we may reproduce the image in marketing material etc. Please also note that there may be more images than we can use so unfortunately submitting it is not a guarantee of it being included in the final version of the book! 

Gurkhas in Afghanistan - for a new book by Craig Lawrence

​The more people that know about the book, the better our chances of getting the 'killer' images that will enhance its appeal. Please therefore tell your friends about it but please also use the 'social media' buttons here to share it as widely as possible.

RGR Polo Shirt


RGR Key Fob




SOME BOOKS ABOUT GURKHAS ​(click on image to go to appropriate Amazon webpage)


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Model Gurkha Soldiers


​The final structure of the book has yet to be confirmed but the working structure is shown in the box to the right. This will change as the project develops - I am open to suggestions (!) - but the illustrative structure gives an idea of how the book will be put together. Notably, the book will:

  • -   Have sections for each unit and independent sub-unit.
  • -   Include the Band and the Clerks as they were RGR once!
  • -   Include all operational deployments. 
  • -   Have a number of 'special interest' sections.

The 'special interest' sections in the G200 book worked well as they provided an opportunity to cover specific subjects that didn't easily 'fit' in the main chapters of the book. The intention is to do the same in the RGR book. The main benefit of this is that we can include details of: our fallen comrades; operational honours and awards; the things we excel at, such as shooting; and other subjects that are unique to the RGR. The lists of COs, GMs and RSMs will probably be included at the back of the book in annexes rather than be inserted between the chapters as 'special interest' sections. The specific details of the operational deployments have been extracted from the Regimental Secretary's database and are shown at the below link. I am in the process of refining these details but any suggested amendments, or the details of any additional deployments (such as to the Ivory Coast on OP PHILLIS), would be gratefully received.  ​ 

RGR Fleece



RGR Flag


RGR T-Shirt


RGR Cuff Links


​£10.96 - £19.99

I used a variety of sources in writing the 'The Gurkhas: 200 Years of Service to the Crown.'These included books, contemporaneous newspaper and journal articles, academic papers, diaries, regimental histories and various pamphlets produced by the Gurkha Museum. Now that I have started work on the 25th anniversary history of The Royal Gurkha Rifles, I am updating the list (which you can access using the link below) in order that it becomes something of a 'one stop shop' for books about Gurkhas, and the infantry in particular. I have also included a link to various quotes about Gurkhas, some of which I included in the G200 book. Please do get in touch if you can think of any books I have missed or quotes you think I ought to include!

​£17.80 - £22.50

Remembrance Sticker


Craig Lawrence author, military historian and lecturer in strategy

Whilst researching for books and articles about Gurkhas, and The Royal Gurkha Rifles in particular, I've come across a lot of stuff with an RGR theme which is available for sale on the internet. I've included links to some of the more useful items below - simply click on the image to go to the appropriate Amazon webpage! The price range shown below each image reflects the different prices shown for new items on the day I found them - they may have changed since! Note that the above link to 'sources used in writing the commemorative history of the Gurkhas' takes you to a far more comprehensive list of books about Gurkhas, all of which are linked to an Amazon or Gurkha Museum webpage so you can preview or buy the book.

​If you haven't yet bought your copy of 'The Gurkhas: 200 Years of Service to the Crown' then you can get an idea of what the RGR book might look like by following the below link. It takes you to a pdf preview of the G200 book which you can download and peruse in your own time. The 21 pages it contains have been selected at random from the G200 book but it will give you the basic idea (and might even tempt you to buy the original - which is a good idea as all royalties go to the GWT!).


Structure of new Gurkha book by Craig Lawrence

As agreed with Headquarters Brigade of Gurkhas, I have now started work on a book to celebrate the RGR's 25th Anniversary. The aim is that it will be published on 1 July 2019, exactly 25 years after the RGR was formed from its antecedent Gurkha regiments. My hope is that not only will it provide an interesting and informative way of commemorating the RGR's first quarter century of life, but it should also benefit the Regiment financially as 50% of the royalties will go directly to the RGR Trust.

The current plan is to produce a 'coffee table' book of between 250 - 300 pages with between 400 - 450 images. By way of comparison 'The Gurkhas: 200 Years of Service to the Crown' had 244 pages and contained 354 images. The current working title of the book is 'The Royal Gurkha Rifles: 25 Years of Service to the Crown', though this might change if anyone comes up with a better idea! HRH The Prince of Wales has already kindly agreed to do the foreword, which is brilliant news, and Unicorn, the company which published the G200 book, is keen to publish it.

This is the 'working page' for the book. The idea is that I will use it to provide an update on how the book is progressing and to provide information for people who wish to contribute to the book, either by submitting images or offering ideas for content.


RGR Postcards



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Gurkhas with Prince Charles and Prince Harry - for a new book by Craig Lawrence



Gurkha Socks