Craig Lawrence author, military historian and lecturer in strategy

Reasonable Doubt - the new Gurkha action adventure thriller by Craig Lawrence

Harry Parker spent ten years in the British Army, most of it overseas fighting Britain's enemies with the Gurkhas. Decorated for bravery but now tired of violence, he's settled in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, hoping for a quieter life. The problem is, he just seems to attract trouble.

Dartmoor is a brilliant place for anyone who writes action adventure thrillers. It's rugged terrain makes the perfect location for outdoor action scenes, whilst its picturesque villages and cosy pubs provide a great setting for romantic developments.

My wife grew up in the village of Manaton, right in the heart of Dartmoor, and we've therefore spent a great deal of time there as a family over the years. In this short video, which was shot on top of Hound Tor this summer (2020), I try to explain what, to me at least, makes Dartmoor so special and why much of the action in 'The Legacy' takes place there.


'Think dogs of war and Bourne Series.' Michael Jecks, best-selling author and critic

​​​'...a hard-to-put-down adventure that contains just the right mix of mystery, romance and intrigue.  Verdict: This absorbing yarn should appeal to all tastes.' ​Soldier Magazine (the magazine of the British Army), September 2015

'Craig Lawrence, a modern Major General, draws on his army career and bursts onto the literary scene with a novel that begins with skulduggery in the city and ends in the snows of Devon...Inspired by Lee Child, Craig turns out a fast-paced adventure (with Gurkha guest appearances) that has appeal for many ages and covers a range of relationships.' ​Devon Life Magazine, December 2015

The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RGR) was formed on 1 July 1994 when the existing Gurkha regiments amalgamated to form a single Gurkha regiment of three battalions. Although the RGR has only existed for 25 years, it carries the traditions and history of its antecedent Gurkha regiments and has already established itself as a formidable fighting force in its own right. With a Foreword by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales and more than 500 photographs, the book provides a visual history of this elite unit. It also includes lots of new quotes about Gurkhas which you might find of interest and was an Amazon best-seller in the 'Nepal' category on both the 16 October and 29 December 2019, earning the coveted 'best-seller' accolade! ​From only £12.50 on Amazon!

The Legacy, a Gurkha thriller by Craig Lawrence
Gurkha - 25 Years of The Royal Gurkha Rifles is Amazon best-seller on 29 Dec 2019
New Gurkha book - 25 years of The Royal Gurkha Rifles

'The Legacy': the original gurkha action adventure thriller!

The Legacy tells the story of how Harry Parker, adventurer and Gurkha officer, and Lucy Masters, a feisty and resourceful academic, come together with a small group of ex-Gurkha soldiers to try to defeat the avaricious plans of Charles Highworth, one of the City of London's most unscrupulous bankers. From the mountains of Nepal and the Tors of Dartmoor to the streets of London and Edinburgh, the story that unfolds will grip you from the first page. The book makes a great winter read - just the thing to curl up on the sofa with in front of the fire!

When her brother is killed in a diving accident, journalist Amélie Lagarde asks ex-Gurkha Harry Parker to help her investigate. Together they get drawn into a desperate battle between an ambitious Prime Minister, the intelligence services and the world’s most wanted terrorist, leaving them with no choice but to take matters into their own hands.

'A good old-fashioned thriller, this title is fast paced and action-packed from the start... a good, easy-to-read book which is well worth getting hold of.’ Soldier Magazine (the magazine of the British Army), July 2020

'A fantastic read. If you like politico thrillers, with action, sex, travel and a Bond-like hero, then look no further.' Amazon review dated 15 April 2020



BOOKS ABOUT GURKHAS - ideal if you want to know more about these incredible warriors from nepal!

out now: 'REASONABLE DOUBT' - a NEW gurkha action adventure thriller


Published March 2020